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Here are some of my favorite projects. Additionally, some of the software repositories I've contributed to can be viewed here

500W Brushless DC Motor Controller - Click picture for details!

Personal Project

Sundial Smart Meter

Senior Design Project

Solar-Powered Li-Ion Charger

Personal Project - An analog MPPT controller combined with a CC/CV switching charger

GPS Display

Personal Project

Analog Theremin

A unique musical instrument made using analog discrete components


I'm an embedded firmware/hardware specialist that's dedicated to bettering the world through sustainable, humanitarian-driven innovation.

  • Summer 2015

    Summer Intern - Post-Landfill Action Network

    As an intern I aided in college campus sustainability and recycling industry research. I also independently studied and developed electronic waste educational material and co-authored a manual on expanded recycling.

  • March 2016

    Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) Studyabroad Program

    A week‐long, intensive training focusing on Iceland’s domesestic renewable energy technologies and the producuctionn, distribution and management of sustainable energy, including a small capstone project.

  • May 2016 - August 2016

    Electrical Engineering Intern - Oolu Solar Sundial Mesh Network Solar Monitoring System

    Continued from Senior Capstone project, the project consisted of a mesh network of devices that monitor power usage of off‐grid solar home systems, aggregating and uploading the data to an AWS database. I designed a producuction level PCB containing the passthrough device’s current sensing circuitry capable of measuring I/O ports and providing fault‐monitoring and emergency backup power. I was also responsible for writing and managing project firmware including ADC drivers, communication with microSD card using FATFS library and network management for the EZR32, an ARM Cortex‐M4 microcontroller.

  • August 2016 - May 2017

    Embedded Software Engineer - WrightGrid LLC

    Responsibilites included:
    - Developing the embedded firmware for the WrightGrid ModelZ Solar Powered Kiosk.
    - Querying and analyzing MySQL database to improve the energy efficiency of the Modelz.
    - Writing software to interface with AWS IoT over MQTT and designing a scalable remote management system to perform remote firmware updates and factory installations.
    - Assisting hardware engineering as required, including design reviews of pcb's.
    - Troubleshooting field unit software issues.

  • Present

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